Human with real super power


Human with real super power

Am sure you have woken up one morning and wished you had something unique like may be a superpower. Mostly likely if you are like me fantasizing of disappearing when I get mad or may be having super strength that will help you move objects using your mind. Such extraordinary abilities are what am referring to. Did you know that people with these powers exist in real life? You have probably seen such powers on movies but here are some examples real extraordinary powers within us.

Liew Thow Lin, this 70years old man has an awesome ability to attract or rather sticking metallic objects like a magnet he is commonly referred to as a magnetized man. We also got a no pain man; Tim Cridland is one amazing man who shocks man by his ability not to feel pain. Next we got Michel Lotito, this man is strange he not no problem with is digestion, he comfortable eats anything including metal and rubber with no healthy problems. Isn’t that incredible? Think of it if we ran out of food he would be the only survivor!


Courtesy : Youtube

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