What!!Hydraulic press art? Is that possible!


What!!!! Hydraulic press art??? How on earth is that possible!!!!!

Hydraulic press art Is that possible!

That’s the exclamation most people utter upon hearing about hydraulic press art work. But in a world where nothing is impossible anymore, it is no surprise that this form of art would soon be discovered. And two hydraulic artists, for the benefit of charity, has just done that.

So how does it work?

It is quite easy. A canvas is placed on the one side of the hydraulic press, while a small container is filled with various art stuffs like paint, glitter or anything else really.

The small container is then placed on the hydraulic platform, while the main shaft moves downwards at different speeds, handled by the hydraulic artists. The idea is to have the paint explode onto the canvas, creating what most artists would call, a modern art.’

The questions entering the mind at this stage as the shaft nears the platform is, “But will the press actually crush the small container, and if it does, will the paint actually splatter enough to create anything on the canvas? I don’t see how this is going to work.”

Be prepared to be surprised!

The moment the press touches the container, crushing it to only a small, flattened object, the paint explodes in all directions. Wow! Very entertaining to watch as it all happens and is played back in slow motion by the Hydraulic Press Channel team.

But the final piece of artwork might not be at all what you expected. Most times, the shaft of the hydraulic press creates such a large amount of force once it hits the container, that the canvas on the other side is ripped to pieces and destroyed. One would think the result of such destruction being un-usable, but one such destroyed piece of artwork’ created by the hydraulic press artists, called Mayhem, has already received a bid amount of $13,400 on eBay. Mayhem’s sister painting called Happiness, is in contrast a very pleasing sight. Created shortly after Mayhem, she boasts the application of glitter and colorful paint onto a blank canvas.[mashvideo]

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