Hysterical shooting prank Watch before it gets banned


Hysterical shooting prank Watch before it gets banned

Some people say that they went too far, but I really have to give credit to these guys for making this video. They go out in public with a prop gun and play out a staged shooting to film peoples reactions. I really liked the one where the guy popped the balloon at the same time his friend fell to the ground to create the illusion that a gun went off. My favorite part of the video has to be the where the guy was walking with his girlfriend and abandons her! They say the two times your true self always comes out is when your drunk or scared. This guy is going to have some explaining to do. I wonder if she dumped him after that!

Its so funny watching these reactions and the look people had on their faces when the thought they just witnessed a shooting is priceless! I have to say, it took a lot of guts to make this video.


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