Ideas That Are So Terrible, That Actually Works


Every now and then we came up with some new (not so useful) crazy innovations and ideas. But actually they are terrible.

Terrible Idea Number 1 : Canned cooked chicken do we really need this, but it’s really look’s disgusting!!

Terrible ideas Canned Chicken

Terrible Idea Number 2 : Homemade Gaming PC, because Gaming is the most important thing

Terrible Ideas HomeMade Gaming PC

 Terrible Idea Number 3 : Pet Petter, seriously are you sane, then why did you have pets at all!!

Terrible ideas PetpetterTerrible Idea Number 4 : It’s absolutely necessary to know people around you that when your baby pooped!!

Terrible Ideas poop alarm

Terrible Idea Number 4 : Wait my Cat is using the bathroom, Please maintain the line!!

Terrible ideas citi kitty

Terrible Idea Number 5: When absolutely need diet water, because normal water is too much calorie ridden !!

Terrible ideas diet water

Terrible Idea Number 6 : When you need your BURGER done, in a smokey way!!

Terrible ideas cook while driving

Terrible Idea Number 7 : When it’s to much to paddle a boat in hot summers!! 

Terrible ideas boat

Terrible Idea Number 8 : Cold water problem solved!!

Terrible ideas hot water

Terrible Idea Number 9 : When there is no LIFEGUARD !! 

Terrible ideas life jacket

Terrible Idea Number 10 : Wait Wait Wait !!!! It’s just a PHONE

Terrible ideas carring a gun

Terrible Idea Number 11 : When Travel In A Crowed Train!!! 

Terrible ideas seating problem

Terrible Idea Number 12 : It’s RAINING, SAVE YOUR SHOES!!

Terrible ideas shoes

Terrible Idea Number 13 : When noodles are too HOT, for there own good!!! 

Terrible ideas noodle cooler

Terrible Idea Number 14 : Travel like BOSS, which you are!! 

Terrible ideas ride

Lastly, when you wanted to be in a HARRY POTTER FILM!!!!

Terrible ideas broom stick

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