IMac Fights The Lahti L-39 Anti Tank Rifle


IMac Fights The Lahti L-39 Anti Tank Rifle

IMac Fights The Lahti L-39 Anti Tank Rifle

So in the video, a man had a lahti L-39 anti tank rifle and he shot it at an IMac desktop computer. The test is to see how much damage this world war two anti tank missile could do on a brand new Imac. Let’s see how the test proved.

Well first you have to look at the history this rifle has. In 1939, Finland made this weapon very popular. The Soviet Union was making their way into the land and the Finns would not go down without a fight.

They developed this weapon against the Soviet tanks and it proved to be effective. Once the Finns started getting used to the weapon, they made close to 2,000 rifles. They also educated those that were using the weapon. This rifle is very powerful and could damage any tank that crossed its path.

The Imac is Apple’s version of the desktop. It is very unique and has over 14 million pixels in the monitor. You can also sync your IPhone or IPad to it. This desktop gives you very clear colors and pictures.

Many people love this because it is easy to use and you can have all your ICloud storage with it. You can get this in a 21.5 in screen or a 27 in screen. It’s processor is super fast, up to 4 GHZ which is insanely fast. It can hold up to 3TB of storage just by itself. To get this computer, you must order it off the Apple website and use your credit card. The starting price is roughly $1,000 for a new one.

In the video, the man fired two shots from the rifle. The first slow-motion video shows that the bullet went directly in the middle of the IMac. That is a pretty good shot right there. The second slow-motion video shows that the bullet went through the top of the computer but it also went up. It destroyed the computer the second time.


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