Incredible Octopus Catch


Incredible Octopus Catch

Join the adventure with “Beyond the tide” crew, and grab the opportunity to see and learn something new. An entire world of creatures lies beneath the sea surface. In this episode of an aquatic adventure series we are guided to the better understanding of the sea wildlife.

As the waves crash down on the shore line of the coastal tide pools we accompany the crew as they explore and find their encountering. Examining the mysterious world of the ocean led to amazing close up animal encounter. The crew has successfully captured an octopus. Imprisoned within the transparent water container, it became easier to look and see the size, shape and movement of this sea creature. The captured one is of the friendliest species of the octopuses in the world. It may be due to the fact that they do not grow big.

You must look closely and carefully to find octopuses. Extremely high-level of the ability to camouflage within their environment makes them hard to find. They can change the color of their skin to match the surroundings. Morphing the shape of the body to fit in between the rocks makes part of the ability to protect themselves within the sea environment. The eight tentacles with the suction cups make them able to move and swim within the water territory. In situations when they need to escape, they use the ejection of ink as the cloud. Octopuses are considered to be highly intelligent animals, and all species are venomous.

This unique animal makes the experience of connecting with it adventurous and different. Constant comprehension of its behavior and world is becoming more and more sophisticated and complete. Rediscovering the sea wildlife is always fascinating, incredible and exciting. Series like this bring you closer to these wonderful creatures and therefore are recommended to watch.


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