Indian Chef Fries Fish With Bare Hands


Indian Chef Fries Fish With Bare Hands

An indian chef exhibits the amazing ability of dipping his hands into hot oil and still not burn them. He is a shop owner and runs a family business which was established 60 years ago.The shop has several things including kabaab.

However, it is famous for the fish he fries with his bare hands. Upon being asked about the popularity he has gained, he says “Now everyone wants me to dip my hands into the hot oil. They want to witness it.” Everyone who watches him fry the fish is left stunned. To this he smiles and says that it is a matter of practice. He started with dipping his hands a little while frying the fish. Then he tried it a second time. To his surprise, his hands never got burnt. Therefore, he can now dip his hands into the hot oil without any hesitation. He has two sons who are continuing the family business.


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