Indian Punjabi girl displays dangerous motorbike stunt


Indian Punjabi girl displays dangerous motorbike stunt

Written by: Leonardo De Lima, 14 Apr, 2015

Indian Policewoman Displays Amazing Motorcycle Stunts  Wait until you get a load of her! 25 year-old Indian Policewoman for Punjab, Sukhvinder Kaur, puts her amazing riding skills on display at Patiala-Jalandhar road. Don’t try this at home, kids. Kaur is no amateur, in fact she’s been riding since she was in class 8, that’s roughly only 15 years old!porting a classic Royal Enfield 350, Kaur showcases four exciting motorcycle stunts. The first of which involves her engaging cruise control, and then proceeding to stand on her seat! This is a very dangerous stunt, as the body is fully exposed to high speed winds. The potential dangers include being knocked straight off of the bike! Just imagine the road rash, ouch! Next she stands straight up on her foot pegs. In this position she has to rely solely on her legs to balance and steer the bike. While not that dangerous of a stunt, it’s still risky to attempt.

Next comes a classy sitting stunt where Kaur engages the cruise control, and then crosses one leg over the other! Talk about cool, but once again this is a very dangerous stunt. Without the use of her right leg, Kaur wouldn’t be able to access the rear break should she have to come to an emergency stop. This could lead to a very bad crash!

Just when you thought she couldn’t get any crazier, Kaur does it again! This time she stands on her right foot and crosses her left foot behind her! Then, she switches legs! Balance must be a major challenge during this stunt. However dangerous the stunt, Kaur always looks awesome doing it!
Riding a motorcycle must be a major challenge in India, thankfully Kaur is a professional police officer of the Punjab police. Kaur began her stunt riding while in 2009 while in the police academy. Surprisingly, it only took her two months to become proficient at it. Although, with all of her crazy stunts, she’s probably been pulled over once or twice by a colleague! That must have been an awkward conversation. “Do you know why I pulled you – oh it’s you again. Catch and bad guys lately? Well here’s your ticket, have see you at the office.”

While doing riding stunts is all in good fun, it is a dangerous thing to attempt. Kaur performs all of her stunts without any safety gear, not even a helmet! Riding is a wonderful experience, but it can be deadly. It’s a good idea to wear gloves, a leather jacket, Kevlar jeans, and above all, a helmet! Remember, don’t ride and drive!

VIDEO: [mashvideo]

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