Instagram revealed it again: Jamie Fox and Katie Homes are still dating


Instagram revealed it again: Jamie Fox and Katie Homes are still dating:

Instagram revealed it again: Jamie Fox and Katie Homes are still dating

It’s been years when we used to hear the perfect love story of Katie Homes and Tom Cruise and how dramatically Tom proposed Katie but it is all ended and both of them have moved in their lives. Katie, on the other hand, has been linked and to have a relationship with Jamie Foxx for which was thought to be ended in October after being together for three years.

Latest reports confirmed that they are still dating and are in a relationship but they ae keeping it low as Katie had been in a relationship with Tom which was thought to be successful but still she has some nightmares about it or they wanted to maintain it like this.

The proof was shared online by some Instagram user as a grainy Instagram photo shot through the plate glass window of a restaurant somewhere in New York. The picture was clicked when they were seen enjoying the moment on the dinner table and it is a bit shady but the people can be recognized as both of them.


It has been liked and shared many times on Instagram with the beautiful comments in the section. She is also taking of Suri Cruise for whom the previous couple fought about the rights and it has been settled now.

Tom occasionally spends precious time with her daughter and I think Katie doesn’t have any problem with that. There are other pictures in which Tom saw spending time with Suri and there was another woman whom Tom is dating recently.

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