Interspecies teamwork saves pet from drowning


Interspecies teamwork saves pet from drowning

A group of dolphins saved the life of a dog in Marco Island, Florida, when they started to create an incessant commotion which attracted the attention of the dog owner. Once nearby people approached the waters to see why there was so much noise, they spotted the dog, which was rescued by fire personnel and reunited with its owner. The owner would state later he would never have seen the dog wasn’t it for the dolphins.The dog had fallen into a canal from a concrete wall, and it was impossible for it to climb back up.

It had been in the cold water for an estimated 15 hours before it was rescued, and must have been suffering from exhaustion and hypothermia. It is believed it would have perished, wasn’t it for the dolphins’ persistence. It is not the first time dolphins undertook such rescue operations; Another instance of empathy display by dolphins happened in 2007, where a surfer injured after a shark bite was saved by dolphins, for they protected the surfer by preventing further bites and the surfer survived.

The Intelligent Mammals of Water World ! There are many examples in the world for an animal saving the life of other species, some time animals show unusual behaviors like lioness saving the baby cub from other lions etc. However, the ultimate life saving heroes of the ocean worlds are dolphins. Yes! that’s right, dolphins are the most intelligent mammals which exhibit extraordinary behaviors like humans. There are plenty of evidences of dolphins rescuing humans, whales, dogs etc. One of the interesting case among the others are dolphins help rescue dog from drowning, this perplexing incident was witnessed in Marco island-Florida.

The Florida group of dolphins spotted the dog which had fallen into a canal and struggling to get out of it.The dolphins made so much noise which attracted the people near by and finally it was rescued by he fire personal. It is believed that dog has spent fifteen hours in canal, before pulled out and reunited with its owner. The owner of the dog said if the dolphins didn’t attract the peoples attention then he would have never seen the dog. The dog would have died because it had zero chance of getting out of the canal, dog was exhausted for being in cold water for hours and most likely suffering from Hypotonia. Dolphins have been noticed for responding in such emergency situations and help to save the life of other species.[mashvideo]

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