Is Apple Working On A Giant Tablet? Know About Apple’s iPad Pro


Is Apple Working On A Giant Tablet? Know About Apple’s iPad Pro

Apple’s iPad pro is a much-awaited product expected to be launched this year. Reports state that the tablet would have a display of 12.2 to 12.9-inch. The device may aim to enterprise customers. Rumors state that this time Apple is trying to experiment with multiple size, designs and colors.


It is  assumed that the device will be called ‘iPad Air Plus’. Certain conclusions are being made about the processor of the tab. Some reports reveal that the ipad pro would have an A8X ipad Air2 processor while the other ones say that it will have a new A9 processor.

The device will have an ‘ultra’ high resolution display. Both the top and bottom edges of the device will have stereo audio speakers. Interview with the CEO states that mass production of iPad Pro has been delayed and the company has still not decided about the official launch date.

Rumours reveal that the device may adopt many of the design elements from the current iPad. The ultra thin chassis and narrow side bezels are completely inspired by the current ipad. Apple has shown a great creativity by shaping down the iPad Pro, as the device may measure in at 7 mm thick.

Similar to the iPad2, iPad Pro would also offer a motion coprocessor with several sensors such as accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, barometer and GPS services. Ipad pro would also have a highly professional front-facing FaceTime HD camera with an extremely amazing LED flash.

People across the world are expecting that this device would be built with a version of iOS 8. Readers would be amazed to know that iOS 8 is being considered to be the company’s newest operating system that appeared recently in September 2014. Apple may be planning to introduce some upgrades including the services of high multitasking.

Earlier the company planned to release the iPad Pro in early 2015 but due to delay in the mass production factor nothing can be said about ipad pro’s official release.  Reportedly the much awaited device will hit the markets in the mid of the year.

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