Is She The Most Controversial Celebrity Ever?


Is She The Most Controversial Celebrity Ever?

Sonam Kapoor one name that is known to almost every person in this world. People generally talk about her acting, her beautiful curves, family background, but one rarely talks about her bold nature in terms of her talk which has always per her in some problem. We are discussing here some of her recent Controversial Talks:

Bollywood-Actress-Sonam-Kapoor-Hot-Bikini-Stills-06The Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Spat: This is quite common in the bollywood industry to say some things about other competing heroines, but this time she has done some big thing, she has pointed out to one of the biggest and strongest family of the Bollywood, Sonam boldly addressed Aishwarya as, “An aunty from another generation.”

  1. Aisha’s Catfight: I think you remember the film Aisha( if doesn’t we won’t be surprised), father Anil Kapoor with great ambition made this film for his daughter, we all know what was the result, but very less people know about the fight which happened after the film between Sonam and Abhay Deol, on the topic that Sonam was paying more attention to her wardrobe as compare to the plot.
  1. Sonam and Shobha De fight: In a very famous show “Coffee with Karan” when Sonam was asked about shobha de, she replied by saying “Who shobha de, I don’t know, she is a bad writer”.
  1. Showing her middle finger to crowd: Again a not so famous movie “Players”, we won’t ask you remember or not, but in the promotional event when Sonam was asked about the showing of middle finger in the movie she replied by showing one to the crowd.
  1. No Bikini Show: Once sonam had confirmed in front of reporters, that she won’t do any bikini show as she was having shaggy bum, and her body was cellulite, but after few time she just forget it and was in bikini for the film Bewakoofiyaan.
  1. The Sanjay Leela Bhansali Controversy: Sonam has not even leaved the person who was responsible to introduce her to this film industry, who was the one to teach her acting, even to that person, when he approached her with a new film, she said no by saying “Get colour in my life — apart from blue and black.” To which a miffed SLB responded by ripping apart his former protégé in print.
  1. Comment on Ranbir Kapoor: Even she had commented on the famous actor Ranbir Kapoor, that unless and until he strip out, he does not look sexy.

Now please someone say Sonam that please concentrate on your career as which way it is going, just because of the reason that your father is famous actor of this film industry, you don’t need to take fight with each and every one.

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