Is The Most Satisfying Video In The World Really Satisfying?


Is The Most Satisfying Video In The World Really Satisfying?

Recently Diggs released a video on the internet showing the most satisfying scenes there is. A combination of 31 videos, the most unexpected things that you may or may have never thought are all in one clip. From an egg separator, to a tin crusher, rust laser remover, a machine icing cakes perfectly and some unexplained sci-fi looking scenes are displayed. After gaining close to 4 million views in 3 days, the question that remains is it really the most satisfying video in the world?

The obvious

The biking, the cutting of paper edges and the baseball crush are no doubt those obvious things you see in everyday life. However with the swiftness that comes to the biker while he jumps without commotion and fear of falling, makes it extremely satisfying. Still what makes the obvious bring out the most satisfying feelings on the baseball crush and cutting of paper edges, is the one motion movements without force. So all in all it in this stage it does pass for the most satisfying video in the world.

The unexpected

Now this is the part that gets tricky. Looking at the video no doubt there are some things you will look and be mesmerized. One such case is the perfect loops being made, now the next time you see a loop, you are guaranteed of remembering the video. Another video that actually satisfies ones curiosity is pouring metals into water and seeing how they react, even though it is highly unlikely to actually do this without having a reason behind it. It gives a question and answers it in the sweetest thorough way possible, making it definitely one of the most satisfying videos.

The downright strange

The strange part of the video that is oddly satisfying is making of the Eiffel Tower. This if for the simple reason it does not answer as to how it happens, as all you see is a dip and then miraculously a tower. The sea creature for many is both strange and beautiful, as there’s no way to know what it is but knowing there’s such a beauty at sea is extremely satisfying.

All in all, is the most satisfying video in the world really satisfying? Absolutely yes! Still with the best music to sooth, you will be at peace.[mashvideo]

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