Is This A Snake Or A Caterpillar


Caterpillar’s outstanding mimicry abilities to appear like a snake

small Snake caterpillar from Ecuador

You wouldn’t believe what survival means for some organisms. Did you know that a certain caterpillar exhibits some camouflaging mechanism which sees it mimic a snake appearance in order to scare away its predators like birds? If this sounds hyperbolic, then you need to check it out. In the taxonomic family of Sphigidae, this caterpillar lies in a species called Hemeroplanes triptolemus.

Having perfected its mimicry skills, you are most likely to mistake it for a snake. This being one of nature’s numerous wonders, it is quite spectacular to watch this less harmful creature camouflage and pretend to be one of the most lethal creatures on earth for one simple reason; survival.

Although not popular in most regions, this Hemeroplanes triptolemus species of Sphigidae family of the taxonomic unit seems to take no chances when it comes to its safety and scaring away of its enemies. Less harmful as it is, the look will surely scare you out of your skin.

Best known for its outstanding survival ability, it has one of the greatest defense mechanism on the planet. It seems to understand the rule on nature where survival is only for those who fit into their environment.


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