Is This Extreme School Run In The World?


Is This Extreme School Run In The World?

Many children in this world are failing to access their rights to education due to various factors such as poverty. Others may get the right to education entrenched, however, such right becomes a privilege because the means of travelling to school varies from region and social status.The privileged children travel to school by car or walk a short distance to their nearby schools. The not so privileged children have to either walk extremely long distances to school or have to endure harsh conditions along their journey to school.

The children in Dhaing Village in Nepal have to cross the Trishuli river along their way to school using a rope and crate like a zip line. This applies to both primary and High School students. This process is dangerous because many of the children are very young and may get tired in the process of crossing and risk falling off the rope and land straight into the river. Not only is the process dangerous, it is also inconvenient and uncomfortable as the children’s hands develop sores from the friction caused from holding the rope.

The question is, is this the most dangerous school run in the world? As much as the school run is dangerous and uncomfortable, there are many children in Africa who endure tougher and more dangerous school runs. At least the school children in Nepal have a rope and zip line to cross the bridge.

On the other hand, many school children in Africa cross flooded rivers on foot without any bridge or zip line to assist them. These flooded rivers may and often lead to school children being washed away by the strong river currents and many children have drowned in such manner. Moreover, these rivers are often crocodile infested and these are risks which these school children take on a daily basis in order to receive an education.

It is thus daunting to know that school children are enduring harsh conditions in order to get to school. Receiving a basic education has become more than a right but a privilege. When the river floods, it is obvious that these school children cannot cross the river at all and are not in a position to proceed to school. Education should be accessible by all children and this includes the journey to school.[mashvideo]

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