ISRO Successfully Places 20 Satellites Into Space


ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) Successfully Places 20 Satellites Into Space And A New Feather In It’s Cap

isro launches 20 satellite

Indian Space Research Organisation also known as ISRO has successfully injected in orbit a total of 20 satellites. They did this using their very own PSLV-C34 Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle. The satellites included, 17 from foreign countries like Indonesia, Germany, Canada, US and also one earth observation satellite from India and Cartosat-2 Series.

The mission which took 26 minutes and a half started at 9:26 a.m. At this time, a PSLV-C34(Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle) of 320 pounds lifted 20 satellites that weight 1288kg up into space. After this it placed the satellites one at a time into orbit that is polar and sun-synchronous.

isro creates history, launches 20 satelite

India is no stranger to coming up with incredible space missions.This single space mission is the biggest that India has had so far. In 2013 NASA had a single mission made up of 29 satellites. In 2014, Russia also has a big single mission of 33 satellites. These two have been the biggest for a long time until recently.

India had a number of successful missions before this one. India made history in 2014 when it became the first country to get to the orbit of Mars via Maiden Venture. The probe used on this mission cost a total of $74 million. The country has also made it’s own navigation systems,GPS which is known as IRNSS. They launched 7 navigation satellites in April. Just recently they also came up with a spacecraft that is reusable.

These successful launches will help India in promoting ISRO as an affordable alternative that can be used for the purpose of providing services of launching the smaller satellites. It is in 1999 that ISRO begun launching of satellites for the foreign countries. Currently a total of 57 satellites have been launched by ISRO. The reason why a lot of people might see it as the best alternative is the fact that it is very affordable. It only charges 60% of what other International agencies ask for.

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