Top 5 IT service providers in india


Top 5 IT service providers in india

In India, the Information Technology industry has achieved phenomenal growth. The industries get advantages of skilled manpower and better resources. These resources are available at low cost. The country has highly qualified man power that is a key to success of these IT companies. Multinational companies are appointing Indians, to achieve their business goals. At Epagloo, we have collected some important information on the leading IT companies of India.

  1. TCS (Tata consultancy services):

TCS is India’s largest information technology service provider in India. The company provides different business solutions. TCS headquarter is located in Mumbai .According to a report, TCS has more than 276,000 employees around the world. The company is now considered as world’s second most valued IT company. The company has high skilled, dedicated staff that. Still the company is situated one step below the IBM. The Tata consultancy services accounts 28% of the total capitalization in IT sector.

  1. Infosys:

The Company was founded in 1981 by Mr. Narayan Murthi and Nandan Nilekhani. It is recorded that the company has annual revenue of about 36,765 Cr. Infosys is one of the biggest brands in IT sector. The company has its head quarter in Bangalore. Infosys has more than 155000 employees across the world. The company itself contributes 30% of the market capitalization in IT industry. Infosys is the India’s fifth largest publically traded company. The company offers business and software solutions along with various services.

  1. Wipro:

Wipro is the India’s third largest software development company. Wipro has its annual revenue close to 31,682 Cr. Wipro is Bangalore based company. The company has 145000 employees working at different locations worldwide. The reports say that Wipro serves about 900 clients annually. The company has its presence in 53 other countries. Wipro offers software development, system integration services to businesses. The company also has provides system outsourcing services. Wipro is also popular for the contribution and its research and development programs.

  1. HCL Technologies:

HCL is the global IT Company. It claims to have the annual revenue of about 8907 crores. HCL is located in 32 countries including India. More than 90,000 employees are currently working with HCL Technologies. Highly skilled staff is one of the major factors that have taken the HCL Technologies to new heights. The company works brilliantly on marketing techniques. Anant Gupta is serving HCL Technologies as the CEO. The company offers services such as software development and software outsourcing. The company majorly works on software led IT solutions.

  1. Tech Mahindra:

Tech Mahindra is India’s fifth largest software exporter. The company generated annual revenue of close to 5243 Cr. Other than India, the company is active in 42 countries. With more than 84,000 employees around the world, Tech Mahindra serves close to 540 clients annually around the globe. Mr. C. P. Gurnani is the CEO of the company. Tech Mahindra offers services such as Business support system (BSS) and also works on the programs of mobility solutions and several security applications. At present, Tech Mahindra is one of the most successful IT companies working on the concept of Next Generation Networks.

These are some updates and information on the exceptional growth of Indian IT sector. For more updates on technology and business, keep visiting Media24by7.

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