Jagga Jasoos: Bollywood’s Hottest Couple Together On Screen


Jagga Jasoos: Bollywood’s Hottest Couple Together On Screen

Anurag Basu’s upcoming movie, Jagga Jasoos is all set to hit the theaters all over the country. Reports reveal that the film’s official release is planned in the month of august 2015. The movie would cast Ranbir kapoor, Govinda and Katrina Kaif in the lead roles.


The story revolves around the life of a boy, who is a detective by profession. Movie reveals Ranbir’s struggle in order to meet his lost father. Katrina is playing the role of Ranbir’s lady lover. The lady helps him throughout the movie to find out his father. Govinda has done awaited come back with the movie and will be performing as Ranbir’s lost father.

The complete production of the movie was done in Cape Town. Readers would be amazed to know that the gorgeous Katrina took a special training in martial arts in order to perform brilliant action scenes in the movie.

Reports too reveal that the real life love birds Ranbir and Kat had some severe arguments in Cape Town this resulted to delay the shooting dates. Presently, Ranbir is working on two projects with Anurag. One is the Jagga Jasoos and the other one is Bombay velvet. The star faced a lot of problem to manage the shooting dates and schedule of both the movies. However, he has succeeded and shooting of both the movies is completed perfectly.

Earlier the release date was planned in the month of November 2014, but due to some major conflicts between the lead couple the official release got postponed.

The sound track for the movie is composed by Pritam. Reports reveal that the man has composed two awesomely romantic songs for the movie. We hope the songs would be a greatest hit for the year. All the passionate music lovers would be happy to know that Jagga Jasoos is being considered as a musical fare. The movie would have nine highly rocking songs.

The movie is scripted by Dimple Bajwa; the lady revealed in an interview that the viewers would certainly find a high quality emotional drama in the movie. She also says that everyone should watch the movie once; it will help you connect with your family and your beautiful past memories.

Katrina was asked about her characters age in the movie, to which the lady replied that there is no age for any character, what matters is how deep you get indulge in it! Involvement is considered to be the soul of any rocking character.

These were some cool updates about the upcoming emotional drama ‘Jagga Jasoos’. For more information keep visiting Media24by7.

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