Japanese bullet train is one of the most high speed

Shinkansen- more commonly referred to as ‘ Bullet Train’. The Japanese bullet train is one of the most renowned high speed railways of the world because of it’s reliability, punctuality and it’s service. The First High Speed Bullet Train was started on 1st October, 1964 at the time of Tokyo Olympics between Tokyo And Osaka. This Journey took only 4 hours instead of six hours and 40 minutes.

The most important person credited with making it possible was HIdeo Shima who was the chief engineer of this project.Today the Shinkansen runs at an maximum speed of 320 km/hr .A world record of 581 km/hr was set up on a test run in 2003.On latest estimate, in 2011 the annual ridership was found to be 307 million passengers yearly. Around 800 bullet trains run on average, and the delay with them was found to be 36 seconds ,even by considering the impacts of earthquakes and other natural disaster.

In Shinkansen over 50 years of service there has not been a single fatality which is a very big feat. It has a huge economic effect which saves 500 billion Japanese Yen yearly. It also had a great impact on environment and produces only 16 % of Carbon monoxide as compared with a car journey of the same distance.

The tracks uses 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 1/2 in) as their standard gauge. It uses Automatic Train Control ,which manages all the operations associated with the train. Along with the domestic popularity , the Japanese Shinkansen technology is also very well received in other countries. They have signed many contracts with country like India, Brazil , China, Thailand ,United Kingdom and many other to develop Shinkansen technologies there. With regular future expansion , the Japanese High Speed Bullet Train can be rest assured about their continuous dominancy.

Fastest Train in Japan – Shinkansen Nozomi SUPER EXPRESS

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