Jennifer Lawrence accidentally (and hilariously) kissed Natalie Dormer


Jennifer Lawrence accidentally (and hilariously) kissed Natalie Dormer

It was funny when Jennifer Lawrence like crazy, kissed Natalie Dormer on the red-carpet on the Mocking-jay Part 2 premiere. Talk of hilarious interview bombs. The two were doing separate interviews on the red-carpet but were standing next to each other. Once Jennifer Lawrence was done with her interview, she quickly turned to Natalie to say hi with a kiss on the cheek. Natalie Dormer also immediately responded and as she made a slight turn, The two ended up locking lips. Jennifer Lawrence like crazy just laughed about it and said “Oh My God! sorry. We just kissed on Camera”.jlawnataliedormer

Natalie too laughed it out and even asked her. “Did you like it?” Laughing, Jennifer Lawrence made a joke about it and replied, “I loved it.” What a funny scene!

Continuing with her interview, Natalie Dormer, said, “I ‘ll get Jennifer Lawrence off my face. Referring to the lipstick mark on her cheek.Jennifer Lawrence hair was nothing like what we are used to seeing it look like. Not too short. It was all blond and went up to the shoulder. There was a slight split to the side. One side of the split hair was combed towards the right ear then backwards.


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