Jennifer Lopez shinning like an angel


Jennifer Lopez shinning like an Angel

The image was so simple but powerful. Jennifer Lopez on the american idol XIV stage. At first soft lights shinning on her upper part of the body, then a closeup of her vocalizing and looking gorgeous.

After that the camera zooms out showing a progressive image of JLo’s dress, amazingly white and brighter as light is literally pouring on it, allowing see a beautiful design which covers a broad part of the stage like a water lily.

JLo sings with a potent but tender voice, natural and divine at the same time. The scenery from a higher plane simulates the planetary system. The camera shows a full body image of her looking like a greek statue of marble but soft like foam on the sea.

Suddenly in a magic way white dress is transformed gradually from the edge to the waist in a fabric made of stardust and infinite space.


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