Joseph Gordon-Levitt Druming In Subway Unnoticed



Joseph Gordon-Levitt Druming In Subway Unnoticed

Which instruments are you fond of? Guitar? Piano? Or even Drums? Do you like to use your talent and have the opportunity to contribute to “Everyday, Spectacular”?. Your skills are sure highly anticipated by many just like Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s drum contribution!

The hitrecord once made a collaboration with LG that captures prominet events that can happen to everyone everyday. It has tag of lgxhr which means LG x HITRECORD. It is a very promising partnership that brings people in the community together. Today’s society is constantly changing and you can capture them on your own like what everyone in the hitrecord did.

Hesitant yet to share and contribute your talent to the project? To give you a warm feeling before anything else, just try to watch a very impressive video of Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing a drums in the New York subway while many people in the subway are passing.

He was even the one to assemble his drum equipment’s and then performed a very well executed drums exhibition that mainly impressed everyone present there. A man on his white attire even commented on his incredible performance that made him laugh.

The video was so short yet a very powerful show of kindness and contribution to the project is shown. If you want to be a part of a great project and have a good reference to make one, see Joseph’s video down 

If you are finally convinced in sharing your talent and wanted to know more about the “Everyday, Spectacular” project collaboration with LG, you can visit anytime the HITRECORD page for further details.


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