Katrina Gumabao Filipina plus-size model

Being Katrina Gumabao: Filipina plus-size model Conquers the Runways of Paris

She is a Filipina by origin model who is turning 30 coming September and she want to celebrate her birthday in a unique manner in Europe when she will have a pulp fashion week par show at Paris to mark the day.

She has inspired so many ladies through social media platform especially Instagram whereby she encouraged a plus-size women to join the fashion world. She believes that all people are beautiful and can make it in fashion world as long as the take courage and believe in themselves as she did and she is still doing it this year in a pulp fashion week Paris.  

She didn’t expect to be a model in her life when she was growing up as she was interested to becoming a lawyer  or a psychologist but what inspired her to join the modeling/fashion world is the way she loves to talk and lough a lot. She believed in herself got up dressed up and went to the stage which ushered her into the fashion world.

Plus size women this are women with body size ranging from 14-26 whereby they are perceived not to have good body to join fashion world but this has changed since Katrina Gumabao join the fashion world where by the provide a new meaning in fashion world.


All plus size women’s have had confidence to face the fashion world where by participate in the fashion as the one that is going to be held at pulp fashion in Paris. Philippine fashion trend has been a thing, no talks about Philippine without mention it because it has produced the best fashion trend in the whole world. This has been due to having trendy fashion that is unique in the whole world like the plus size women fashion which has made it trend in the whole world.

Filipine has great stores for the fashion that has made it trend from the Facebook, Google Yahoo and so many other stores that has helped them to market the fashion to the whole world. Philippine has many shopping mall to choose from the biggest names like SM Mall,

Ayala Mall which housed different kind of products which gives it upper hand in the fashion trends. Philippian blockers they are the instrument in the fashion trend because they are expertise who are marketing the Philippian fashion to the world making it trend by making great blog with fashion image that they captured. This has make Philippian to be the country with the best fashion in the world.

Source: AngKikayKo

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