Kayaking With A Great White Shark Read On For Outcome


Kayaking With A Great White Shark :  Read On For The Outcome

Kayaking With Great White Shark Read On For The Outcome

How vicious can sharks be? Are they really that wild as seen in horror movies portraying them such as Jaws?

A shark expert named Chris, finally took his chances to find that out as he got on a kayak above the ocean floor of the South African coast to look upon a great white.

And, there was nothing he could do to protect himself, if the shark plans to attack him.

Great white sharks have been known for their humongous size and large set of serrated teeth. Just a look at this magnificent beast makes us cringe with fear.

Moreover, if a creature is capable of feeding on small whales, it must be something. Sharks are hungry most of the time. And, they can smell blood from miles away.

These are the common facts we know of. And, it is because of such facts that people are scared of them.

Chris decided to test it out when he and his crew witnessed a great white shark swimming around the South African shore for hours, apparently doing nothing. Was there a motive behind it? Such instances make shark experts feel an urge to show how these wild beasts act.

Most of them do not even attack humans and stay away minding their own business. And, Chris with his team wanted to show us exactly this.

Which is why he got on his kayak to enter the ocean floor. Surprisingly, the shark had little to do with him.

It did notice something above the ocean floor but didn’t even try to nudge Chris off the kayak. After a couple of minutes, Chris safely returned back.

Great white videos like these are worth a watch as they describe how we so unknowingly believe in the ferocity of these animals towards humans.

But, the case is quite the opposite. It does not mean that sharks do not attack humans. But most of these cases are only when we interfere in their business.

The Great White Shark has earned its name due to its overpowering looks but overall it is a much calmer animal than represented by media. Nonetheless, we ought to stay clear of their zones to avoid fatal conflicts. [mashvideo]

Source: Discovery

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