How To Keep Your Facebook Protected From Scams and Frauds


How To Keep Your Facebook Protected From Scams and Frauds

No one can deny the fact that the leading social networks have revolutionized the web all over the world, and Facebook is most viral among them.  Everyday thousands of people make their account on Facebook in order to reconnect with their old buddies and relatives.

Facebook helps the people to make connections with each other. However some evil minded people use it in order to harm the privacy of others. Many times we listen about Facebook scams that troubled the commoners; such poor actions create the thoughts of doubt among the public and they get encouraged to criticize the social networking sites. Have you ever imagined for what purpose such websites are designed? They are designed in order to help people stay connected with the social world; such websites are never designed with the intention to harm anyone’s emotional and personal sentiments. We are here to help you with a guide about how to avoid the poor Facebook scams.

  • One should know about what they actually need to look for? Remember not to click at the wall posts you get from an unknown person, such wall post will appear with unfamiliar links and they may also come up with noticeable automated greetings. It is better not to click at such wall post in order to stay prevented from scams.
  • Do not accept the suspicious invitations and pop ups you get from the event or group that have to do with free clothing and electronics. Remember, they create such groups only to connect with you and your personal information. Stay away from such groups; they are believed to be the leading reason of scams these days.
  • Remember that the shortened links are only developed in order to fool the commoners; they do not have any specific purpose behind them. You would be stunned to note that these links further lead to the harmful web pages that can install spyware, malware and other damaging viruses in your device.
  • Remember that you should not try to be hyper active while running such social networking sites, think before you click at any blog, as it can be really dangerous for you! Make sure not to give authorization to untrustworthy applications or games, try to close them immediately after they ask you to post your own or any of your friend’s wall. Again we need to mention that these are all the poor strategies planned in order to fool the public by grabbing all their personal information.
  • Have you ever seen your friend posting multiple links at multiple Facebook accounts, this is what we call it working like a spammer. Just for an instance if you get a wall post from any of your buddy demonstrating a chance to know about who is viewing your profile. Never ever try to believe all this nonsense and do not ever click such spam as they are designed to steal your highly personal and sensitive information. Remember that the pages and applications that warn about not being authorized by Facebook can poorly harm your device and even your personal information.
  • Whenever you seem you falling for a spam link or a page, it is advised to take efficient action as soon as possible, as such evil minded ones would not think for a while before making your personal information (images, Videos and anything like that) viral over the web. Here we are revealing about the ways that must be immediately followed whenever you feel that you have been spammed by anyone:
  1. You must immediately try to mark such posts as a spam via the drop-down menu, or you can even remove them by clicking at the ‘X’ sign given at the right corner of posts.
  2. Make sure to change your Facebook password immediately after you find being spammed.
  3. Continue secure browsing via Facebook security setting options.
  4. It is always advisable to install antivirus scanning programs; they will surely protect you with such scams.

With all these tips, we hope you will be able to stay prevented from the poor Facebook scams.

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