K.G.F: Chapter 2

“The blockbuster movie of the season”

KGF – Chapter 2, the blockbuster Kannada film after RRR requires no description for the fans desperately waiting for part 2. It was in demand after a rocking performance in KGF- chapter 1. Earlier Kannada films seemed to have no future due to unpopularity among people but in today’s time, they are trending and changing the craze from Bollywood to Kannada films.

Breaking records through action and performance and winning the hearts of the public, they have made their way to rock on top. The time will fly and you will feel thrilled and excited. You never know when you spent your 2 hr 48 mins. One thing is for sure you will enjoy each second of the movie. Your money spent on this wonderful movie is worth it.

Record-breaker movie All-time Highest grossing film

Leaving the Kannada cinema behind, KGF – chapter 2 is even breaking all the records of Hindi cinema which is just fantastic. The sequel of KGF – Chapter 2 continues the story of Rocky.

The way Rocky speaks his dialogue is praiseworthy. The most appreciated one is –

“Violence, Violence, Violence –

I don’t like it, I avoid it but violence likes me”

It is written and directed by the most talented person none other than Prashanth Neel. It is running to the top after the super hit RRR and Bahubali. The main characters of the story include the legendary stars Sanjay Dutt, Yash, Ravina Tondon, and Srinidhi Shetty.

Box office collection of KGF Chapter 2

This record-breaker film is making noise and winning all the love of the public and obviously, touching the sky with high performance. The Hindi version of the KGF Chapter 2 has earned more than 400 crores and 1105 crores worldwide. The film strongly holds its top position till Day -. The legendary hero Yash earns a good amount of 1104 crore.

KGF-Chapter 2 is still managing very well to attract and allure people to theatres even on the third weekend. The movie is beating the competition from “Doctor strange in a multiverse of madness” and still manages to be the best.

Supreme Direction of Prashant Neel

The Director needs appreciation for his great imaginative skills and implementing it so well.

The story of Prashant Neel pays flawless tribute to gangster films with remarkable one-liner dialogues. The captivating scenes of the movie are smoothly written and presented.

KGF Chapter 2: Director Prashanth Neel

KGF Chapter 2: Director Prashanth Neel with Yash

The fans are really satisfied and happy with the concept of his writing and presentation. The commercial commencement is augmented by smoothly modified Hindi dialogues. The detailed description of scenes with bulky dialogues helps viewers understand the movie clearly and entertains them well on screen.

Although people were already impressed by the concept of KGF Chapter 1. Augmenting the glory of KGF Chapter 2 Legend Prashant moved one step forward. The movie is filled with tons of action and drama. The impressive love song in the 2 half is worth it and appreciable, you will know if you see the movie.

K.G.F: Chapter 2 Movie mains

The movie starts on good terms and gets astonishing and more engaging after the entry of the stylish and handsome “Rocky”. He brings life to his character through his excellent portrayal of his character. In the movie, he is a daring man with no sympathy and emotions. The very first interaction between Adheera and Rocky is commendable and alluring. The intermission is perfect and is loved by viewers. Madness and entertainment are inculcated by the arrival of Ramika Sen (Ravina Tondon).

Yash Lighting His Cigarette

KGF 2 : Yash Lighting His Cigarette With Machine Gun

Yash gave an excellent performance with his dashing swag and unmatching style. Sanjay Dutt played his role to the best as expected. Tondon leaves her imprint on the hearts of people through her fantastic act. Srinidhi Shetty has killer looks giving perfect shots in the movie.

The cinematography by Bhuvan Gowda is appreciable and dramatic music by Ravi Basrur will give you goosebumps. This imaginative and interesting movie has an international look with perfect costumes and unique style. The movie made 100 crores and is earning 10 times more than its initial cost which is a great success. It is the blockbuster movie in Indian history with astonishing features and a well-received sensation worldwide. It earned 552 crores globally on the opening weekend beating the record of Bahubali at the conclusion.

Young Editor of KGF – Chapter 2

Ujwal Kulkarni, the youngest editor just 20 years old, is from Gulbarga and arrived in Bengaluru with some small dreams and self-confidence. His good luck and hard work gave him the best opportunity.

Being enthusiastic and energetic the boy had a good grasping ability and portrayed the exact visuals as assumed by Prashant. This is a good start in his career with the above mark movie. The visuals are beautifully represented.

Ujwal Kulkarni

KGF Chapter 2 Editor 19 Year Old  Ujwal Kulkarni with Director Prashant Neel

K.G.F: Chapter 2 – Conclusion

KGF – Chapter 2 the blockbuster movie is a diamond offer for action lovers. The ones who were waiting for its second part are going to be satisfied after watching the movie. It will be great fun.

Watching movies is great but when it comes to choice, we just want the best which would engross us in that movie so that we forget about the outer world problems. A movie with action, drama, comedy, fiction, emotion, and thrilling, and, of course, some romance is what we crave. All desires for a great movie are reflected in KGF: chapter 2.

KGF: Chapter 2 is an enthusiastic movie that needs no description for the ones who saw KGF: Chapter 1. The interconnection to chapter 1 is greatly interpreted in the story. You will forget to eat your popcorn for sure if you watch this movie just because it is too engaging with the best action and drama. The Kannada film industry is on fire in today’s time. People don’t even wait for reviews and book tickets. The great consistency and best performance in their work make them popular.

Quality work needs no recommendation and appreciation, Hard work and dedication are always reflected in the work itself. So, to spend quality time with your family and energize your lives, you must watch the KGF: chapter 2 – the power pack of entertainment. Don’t wait, just book your ticket and enjoy the movie.

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Yash, Sanjay Dutt, Raveena Tandon, Srinidhi Shetty, Prashanth Neel, Vijay Kiragandur

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