Kids and Family Friendly Movies To Watch


Kids and Family Friendly Movies To Watch

Parents should always spend a quality time with their children. So, steal some time from your busy schedule and watch these amazing movies with your little ones.

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Kids and Family Friendly Movies To Watch

Taare Zameen par: 

The movie demonstrates the journey of 8 year old boy Ishaan Awasthi whose struggling with deadly disease dyslexia until his art teacher enters his life. The movie deals with a highly sensitive issue in a very beautiful manner. We guarantee every child will relate to it instantly. Tare zameen par is definitely the most heart touching movie.


The movie ‘Masoom’ was released in the year 1983. The movie reveals the story of two happy daughters who gets a baby brother- Raju as a gift from god. The sound track ‘Ladki ki Kathi’ became highly viral after the release of movie.

Mr. India:

This is another viral movie that you must watch with the little monsters. They would surely laugh a lot at the comic scenes of movie. Mr. India is a movie with lots of kid and an invisible man. The story is about the comic drama that Anil Kapoor performs in order to save the children. Kids will even love the character ‘Mogambo’ and his den.


The movie ‘Anjali’ was released in the year 1910. The movie features a 2 year old cute girl Anjali who is mentally challenged. Anjali’s dad doesn’t wish to keep her as a part of family and hides her from her mother by telling her Anjali was born dead. The story is about the struggle of the mother in order to meet her dear daughter. People will surely find a great emotional drama in the movie.

Hum hain rahi pyar ke:

The movie was released in the year 1993. Mr. Perfectionist, Amir Khan performed the role of maternal uncle. The movie promises some neat clean fun scenes. The movie is about the life of Rahul who take care of his neice and nephews after the death of his sister. The kids are real brats who initially hated their uncle but with time, they find that Rahul loves them and will prevent them from all the problems. Juhi Chawla helps Rahul to get closer with the kids. One should surely watch the movie with their kids.


The kids who love dogs would certainly love the film ‘Halo’. Halo is the story of 7 year old mother-less child Sasha’s and her struggle in order to find her lost puppy back. Halo is the name of her puppy.


‘Makdee’ was released in the year 2002. The movie is Vishal Bharadwaj story of twin’s sisters Chunni and Munni. Chunni was bold and blunt whereas the Munni was calm and quite. The horrible drama occurs when Chunni mess ups with a village witch and the poor Munni lends in trouble. The movie reveals the struggle of a little Chunni in order to get her sister back from the Witch’s fort. If your children are crazy about horror films, you must watch this movie with them.

Stanley ka dabba:

The movie reveals the story of Stanley, a grade 4 kid who is a rock star amongst his friends. Stanley’s English Teacher (Divya Dutta) is especially impressed by his excellent poetic skills. However, everyone doesn’t understand his imagination. The funny drama occurs when his ‘Khadoos’ Hindi Teacher (Amol Gupte) does not bring his own lunch box but lusts after everyone else’s. Even Stanley doesn’t get food but all his friends willingly share food with him.

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