Killer Whale Attack on Sea Lion


Amazing killer whale attack on sea lion:

Adaptation is inherent which is developed by the changes occur in our surroundings. We, humans, have been adapting to the changes and that is the sole reason for our survival. With us who have been evolved, there many animal species which are on the planet since the dawning age of dinosaurs. Crocodiles are considered to the species which have been walking on the surface for decades and adapting with the environment makes them the king of waters.

With the capability to use our brain, humans are considered to be the most intelligent species and have been developing the world around us. But the question is “Do animals being more intelligent than we give them credit for?”

There are a number of videos available on the internet which shows the awareness of these animals to get their work done and the most amazing video is from Antarctica about killer whale attack on  seals for their food.

Antarctica, the land which is covered with ice is a home for many different species like whales, penguins, seals, and many others who have adapted to the tough temperature conditions. Global warming has played an important role as the icebergs and the sheet of the ice is breaking which gives seals to go across the sea on the broken ice in search of food.

This is what the video is all about as one seal was on the sheet of broken ice which was surrounded by the group of whales. As per the intelligence of seal, it was covered as it knows that whales can’t cone over the ice sheet and thought to be secured from any attacks. To overcome this obstacle, the whales have come up their own solution and according to scientists, it is called wave washing. The killer whale swim in a pattern which creates a wave that can knock the seal off the ice.

This was the continuous struggle as the seal was in the water many times by the waves but climbed up the ice every time. It was a failure for whales as they didn’t get their food and thought that the strategy which they came up isn’t so smart at all.

But there is something else was going on which was not realized before. If we look the video closely, the whale was at the back of the seal which gives a signal to swim in a pattern and then the other whales start to swim in a pattern.

In the group, there was a baby whale which was swimming with the adults and when consulted with an expert, she explained that what we are watching is “Hunting School”. This was a trail for the baby whale to learn how to attack and make strategies. The other adult whales were not attacking the seal as they didn’t want to and it was a learning experience for the baby whale.

After watching the video and suggestions from the expert, it is clear that they are way more intelligent and not to look down upon.


Source: billschannel

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