Kim Kardashian attacked in Paris by Prankster


Kim Kardashian attacked in Paris by Prankster

Apparently, Paris is anything but a haven away from sexual harassment for Kim Kardashian. The celebrity, back in Paris and on her way to her favorite restaurant, was stopped in her tracks by the infamous prankster Vitalii Sediuk. Sediuk, known for his history of celebrity harassment, waded through the crowd of paparazzi surrounding Kim’s car in attempt to make physical contact with her.

The contact was partially obscured from view, but it appears he was successful in grasping either Kim’s clothing or bag, though he may have touched her thigh, and said “Welcome to Paris” in a taunting manner. She flinched and spun around to face him, while the paparazzi turned their attention away from the celebrity to focus on the offender. The mishap, however, was quickly ended by one of Kim’s body guards. Sediuk was pinned to the ground in an instant, while Kim seemed to be calm and walked off the scene as if nothing happened.

Sediuk was held down for a moment longer, questioned briefly, and scolded before being let go by security. Some of the paparazzi began following the prankster off the scene as he began to run away. Red in the face and still fleeing, he made no comment on what had just occurred and refused to acknowledge the paparazzi and their questions. He ran around the corner from the restaurant and down the street, slowing as most of the paparazzi gave up on their pursuit.

Sediuk’s pranks of this nature always seem to go a bit too far. When recounting the “almost kiss” that happened between Vitalli and him on the red carpet back in 2012, Will Smith was not amused in the slightest. In fact, Sediuk earned a slap to the face for his advances. This time, Sediuk was let off easy by his victim, Kim Kardashian, but certainly was not given mercy when shoved face-first into the pavement by security. Who knows how much longer this prankster will keep it up; he is certainly earning a collection of injuries and embarrassment from his escapades.


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