Know all about Shaadi- A license to rape in India


Know all about Shaadi- A license to rape in India

In case you have been wondering about the exact meaning of Shaadi – A license to rape in India, then you need to read more about it here. Actually, you need to understand more about the cultural background of India. It is only in India that more money is spent on a girl’s wedding than on her education! Next, from her birth the girl is told that her in-laws will be her real parents. After marriage, her surname, her priorities, her responsibilities and even her parents change. In addition, her husband is allowed to do anything that he wants with her. Her in-laws can burn her, torture her and her husband can do anything he wants to her in the bedroom.

In case she goes back to her parents, she is admonished and asked to adjust as that is the other name for marriage. Even the Indian politicians resist acknowledging marital rape.


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