Know all about What Girls do during IPL


Know all about What Girls do during IPL

What girls do during IPL is everything except cricket. This is because they may not be really cued to the nuances of IPL but they are watching IPL for all different reasons. Few of these are given here.
This is the perfect place for them to check out various players. Each run up or even a bouncer is for them to check out the biceps of their favourite players. They are more concerned about this than watching the cricket match. Thus it does not matter whether they are watching the current match or the previous one.
They are more interested in doing make-up than in watching the match. It also affects their relationship with their boyfriend.
What girls du during IPL is to look for their Prince Charming. They look for some one who looks just like their favourite cricketer. This is something that applies to girls and women across all ages.


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