Know these simple face yoga techniques to look younger than your age


Know these simple face yoga techniques to look younger than your age:

It is everyone’s desire to look young forever. Is that possible? In today’s world of advanced technology, everything is possible. But forever young look, seriously? No, I am not referring to surgical treatment but a natural process that makes you look beautiful and young naturally. Yoga heals not just the body but the soul to make the face glow as a result.

Let us know of these simple techniques of face yoga that can be beneficial in maintaining the charm forever.

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Face yoga method is a chemical free process that is easy and painless to achieve that ever glowing face. To start with, take the 5 minutes yoga challenge that can change the facial structure in just a few weeks. Get quick face-lifts including wrinkles around the eyes, jaw lines, and overall face makeover? Try this.

There are three points to remember that can reap you the best results

  • First of all, check yourself in the mirror objectively, making a keen observation on the eyebrows, eyes etc. Try to see if one eye is bigger than another or if there is any misalignment
  • Put the ring finger on the eyelid. Make sure it is only the ring finger while the middle finger on the temple and using the pressure lift the skin of that area up making sure the face is straight
  • Posture is the third important thing to keep in mind. The hands should be sideways straight touching the hips

Let’s get started

  • With your right arm, push the left shoulder and the palms being kept straight
  • Put your left hand at a 45-degree angle and fist tightly closed. With the finger positions as mentioned above, push the eyelid and the temple area as much as possible
  • Now of the tight fist, put the thumb, index and the pinky finger out and then put the tongue out with the same position held around the temple area and make sound from the throat breathing out
  • Continue doing that for as long as you can. After you have completed doing, check yourself in the mirror. You will see a change

The process accomplished on one side of the face lifts up the face on that side. Now continue doing the same routine for the other side.

Following the steps, stay beautiful and let the world wonder the secret to your never fading beauty. With the simple methods of face yoga, you will gain more confidence to face the world if you have been shying away from doing that. Get out of your bubble and see the beautiful side of you that awaits you with open arms.

No one, especially women don’t like to age with wrinkles. There is no wrong in ageing but stopping the clock ticking against you can be stopped with this face yoga that can be done anywhere.

Enjoy and stay young forever.


Source: Renata Diva

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