Kylie Jenner accepts guy’s prom invite after a girl turned him down

A prom night is a special day in everybody’s life on which you have the courage to approach your girl for an official date within the school premises. Night of tuxedos, vibrant dresses of girls and dancing which is worth to remember and save it as cute memories.

Kylie Jenner accepts guy’s prom invite

Kylie Jenner accepts guy’s prom invite after a girl turned him down

To make his night special, Albert Ochoa, a student from Sacramento, asked a girl for a prom night which was in Tsakopoulos library galleria in Sacramento, California. Instead of getting yes from the girl, he got rejected and it was like his dreams were broken to be a part of this special night.

Rejection didn’t let him down as he approached Kylie Jenner with an invitation for the prom night through social media. It would be a dream which was about to turn into reality as Kylie Jenner accepts rejected teen’s invite and agreed to be his date for the night.

Albert didn’t share this news between his friend circles as he wanted it to be a surprise for the party.

@KylieJenner is me at events ??

— Martina|King Kylie (@maartinaxo) April 8, 2017

It was the Saturday night when everybody was having fun and the news break like a fire in the jungle. Albert entered with Kylie along with him as a date for prom night. The second she entered, everyone was up to her with just one click or even to check her out.

Kylie Jenner’s prom dress was amazing as she was wearing a single piece while maintaining the elegance around the party with a big smile on her face. Albert’s mate Humberto tweeted with some sarcasm “Imagine rejecting a prom date and the guy that asked you takes Kylie” as it was meant for that poor girl who rejected him and I am sure she will have the second thoughts about him.

There is also a small video from the prom which is now going viral on YouTube and everybody is loving the expressions of Kylie as she was enjoying the moment. It is all about Albert now, who is the man in the group and he even called Kylie on the balcony for a slow dance.

Best day of my life @KylieJenner

— Kennedy Pate (@kenkenpate) April 9, 2017

It is about taking the full advantage of the moment. There was another tweet from the girl’s sister named Syd Duhney, who wrote: “Kylie Jenner for reals went to Rio prom night the guy my sister turned down”. It is against her sister but who doesn’t want to point her out to the mistake.

As far as we know Kylie Jenner, prom date would be a dream for her as she dropped out from her school and wanted to live that moment and can be the reason why she accepted Albert’s offer for a prom date. There can be endless reasons but it was the life-changing experience for the guy and of course a different experience for Kylie.

Before making a surprise entrance, Jenner posted a snap chat of her aboard a private jet with good friend Jordyn Woods. Kylie Jenner net worth is estimated to be millions and that is one way to spend it.


Source: ladbible

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