Who is Lana?

Lana is the cute online celebrity who developed her impressive portfolio on Instagram in a very short span of time. She is makeup lover and knows very well the importance of beauty and appealing look. She has very deep artistic attitude, and it was the reason that she is very much sensitive towards her beauty and makeup style.

Lana: an Instagram & YouTube Celeb

In spite of, Lana’s Instagram journey was started in October 2013, but now she has the appealing portfolio there with interesting and eye-boggling shots; she crossed 3k followers, and her online friend circle is still evolving by her fans and lovers. Although she is not using Instagram regularly but her popularity on social media is skyrocketing.

Lana Birthday Surprise

She just celebrated her birthday with her friends and family members and enjoyed a lot. She enjoyed the utter abundance of love that can easily be watched during her birthday party. Although she got lots of love, sincerities and respect from her friend and family circle but she has been stunned when she saw a “Brand new Car” on her birthday as a surprise gift from his brother. She not only enjoyed her luxurious ride but also the love that her brother bestowed to her as the surprise.


In simple words, it could easily be stated that this Instagram celeb who is also earned fame on youtube is lucky who has such type of family and fans. During her whole birthday bandwagon, her each and every activity and arrangement were full of outstanding surprises that were specially designed and arranged by her fans.

This Instagram celeb was looking cool and happy in each and every turn of her birthday party. Hence, despite LANA’S BIRTHDAY SURPRISE seems in a shape of “Brand new Super Luxurious Car” but her real surprise is sincerity, love, and respect that her fans and Bro arranged on her birthday.


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