Landing Plane Nearly Hits Tourist In St Barts Airport Watch 360 degree videos


Landing Plane Nearly Hits Tourist In St Barts Airport Watch 360 degree videos

An unknown tourist has been hit by a plane coming in for landing at the Caribbean island of St Barts, Gustaf III Airport. The airport is said to be the world’s third most dangerous airport. And after recent events, of a tourist taking a set of 360 degree photographs of a plane you can see why.

St Barts has a reputation for being an Island for attracting tourists of the rich and famous genre. The likes of Simon Cowell and Jon Bon Jovi are regulars to the Island. But in this case, it seems a theme park tourist that is getting the spotlight. For being involved in a hit and run incident with a light aircraft. Ended up on the growing list aircraft disasters for this beautiful Islands.

The lucky plane enthusiast may very well have been innocently just trying to take close up photos of an aircraft coming into land at St Barts, Gustaf III Airport. Found himself in a dangerous situation that could very easily have killed him or left him brain damaged when the landing gear of the plane clipped him on his head and forced him to duck as it flew past him.

This may well have been a lucky escape this time. But what could have happened had the plane been just a few inches lower?Decapitation for the photographer could have been a very likely outcome. And yet another even worse case scenario comes to mind. What if the tourist had been struck by some other parts of the plane such as the engine propellers.

It’s not too hard to imagine that that could have caused a plane crash resulting in a higher number of dead bodies. And of course, the wreckage of the aircraft and its the good people of the disaster assistance units that would have had to deal with what is one man’s stupid actions. Fortunately, though the unknown man escaped relatively unhurt and the plane made it into landing safely.


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