Largest Helicopters in the World CH 47, MIL MI-26, MV-22


A Look At Largest Helicopters in the World CH 47, MIL MI-26, MV-22

Who doesn’t like the sight of big birds flying in the skies? All the largest helicopters in the world signify artistic engineering, creative imagination, and untamed human spirit and above all the marvel of modern technology. In this post we will talk about world’s biggest airplanes and biggest helicopter and try to find out what makes some so unique and interesting.

Boeing CH-47 Chinook:

Largest Helicopters in the World CH 47

Touted to be the fastest helicopter in the world, Boeing CH-47 Chinook is an American Masterpiece. With a top speed of 196 mph, this machine can elegantly swim through skies. It is considered to be one of the biggest helicopters in the world and there is a good reason behind it. This attack machine is usually armed with 7.62 millimeter M60 machine gun on both sides and is powered by 4,733 horsepower Honeywell engines. This helicopter had been successfully used in Iraq and Afghanistan wars and also in some critical rescue missions in Asia.

Mil Helicopters (Mi 26):

Largest Helicopters in the World Mil Mi-26

When it comes to size no one beats this intimidating yet stylish flying machine. This Russian Helicopter is used for both Military and civilian purposes. Mil helicopters have been producing some machines over past few years but this one is their biggest beast. Already used in many critical operations, this helicopter comes with single, eight blade main lift rotor. Its gearbox weighs only 3,639 kg but it can impressively take up to 19,000 ships. When it comes to lifting up some weight it stacks up good numbers there as well. It can lift up to 20 metric tons, which indeed is a very impressive number.

Bell Boing V-22 Osprey

Largest Helicopters in the World MV 22

Bell Boing is an American gem. Everything about this aircraft is special and it is for this reason why it is also considered one of the longest helicopter in the world. This helicopter is a result of a Joint collaboration between Bell and Boeing helicopter. This machine can carry in total 56 troops, 24 seated and 34 floor loaded. Its specifications include rotor diameter of 11.6 m and can notch up the maximum speed of 509 km/h at sea level. With height of 22 ft 1 in/6.73 m and wing area of 301.4 Ft, it is certainly one of the most efficient helicopters in the world. [mashvideo]

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