Largest Ship in the World A True Giant


Largest Ship in the World A True Giant

The Emma Maersk measures 397 meters long and easily takes the title of the Largest Ship in the World.Completed by 2006 at the Odense Steel Shipyard in Denmark, she towers over nearly over all other ships and even most buildings, as her highest point reaches 20 stories above sea level.

Fully loaded, this Cargo Ship holds 15,000 Shipping Containers which on average, is worth upwards of 1/2 a billion dollars; making these voyages some of the most expensive on the Planet.With the high number of containers and necessity for absolute safety, these containers are expertly planned; a real life Tetris.

Being the biggest Cruise Ship ever built, it need something equally as impressive to power it through its long journeys. The Worlds Single Largest Diesel Engine, weighing 2,300 tons and producing 110,000 horsepower is the force that powers the Emma Maersk through its seemingly endless voyage.

Surprisingly, even though she is the Largest Cargo ship on the Sea, her crew ranges from 15-25 people. Those crew members have to be aware on shallow reefs, Typhoons, Hurricanes and Pirates as well as safely directing this giant through ports around the World.

The Emma Maersk averages 40 / km per hour, allowing her to cover nearly 1,000 km / day which opens up Global travel with ease.Ports around the World are racing to build large enough accommodations for these behemoths.This Ship is a true testament to Nautical Innovation and Engineering capabilities.The largest ship is a nearly unforgettable spectacle to behold whether it be docked, maneuvering through a busy harbor or cruising the open Ocean.


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