Latest 2017 Tips And Tricks For Search Engine Optimization Articles

Latest 2017 Tips And Tricks For Search Engine Optimization Articles

Latest 2017 Tips And Tricks For Search Engine Optimization Articles

As we are nearing 2017 it’s out with the old and in with the new.  When it comes to SEO many fear it has reached the end of the rope, stating that “SEO is officially dead.”

Thankfully. This is simply not true.

The internet is rife with over 800,000 search results pertaining to SEO. Although SEO has undergone drastic changes over the past few years does not mean it has met an untimely demise.

On the contrary – it has undergone a metamorphosis of change.

When it comes to winning the unending game in SERPS Businesses and individuals must find a new and unique approach to SEO.

Many businesses have and still to this day continue to build their name and business off of organic search. It is of no surprise that organic search is still alive and well today.

With many continuous changes in technology, it of no surprise that as we enter a new year you must also find new and inventive ways to help skyrocket traffic while ensuring your competition is dominated to the full extent.

SEO 101: SEO for Dummies

When you start out content writing you will soon start to hear the phrase SEO. For growing businesses needing to showcase themselves in the top search results SEO is vitally important. When you first start out dealing with SEO it can take quite a lot to wrap your head around it. SEO can at times be confusing.

Intimidating Terminology and phrases may come your way such as:

  • Web search engine optimization and Search engine optimization
  • Google Seo and Seo basics
  • Site search and Organic Optimization
  • Seo Marketing and Optimize content for SEO.

For SEO beginners It’s always a great idea to search for SEO sample articles when you are first starting. You are sure to find much available information bringing you up to speed when needing an awakening.

What is SEO and how can it help your business?

Latest 2017 Tips And Tricks For Search Engine Optimization Articles

SEO definition simply stands for Search Engine Optimization. It consists of various strategies and methods used to obtain a higher ranking for websites in search engines such as Yahoo, Google and more. This, in turn, generates more traffic (Organic). SEO consists of two sides, being technical and natural branding play among businesses online.

SEO writing guidelines:

Learning how to write keywords for SEO, how to SEO your site as well as How to write SEO friendly content is imperative if you want to catapult your business to the next level in 2017. Learning how to correctly apply these key pointers to your content will generate more organic traffic to your blog/site.

WordPress SEO Tips 2017

For those familiar with or just starting out with SEO I have incorporated the latest search engine optimization tips.

Fully understanding SEO while incorporating these SEO basics will better your SEO marketing to your SEO wedsite by increasing your overall SEO knowledge.

Your Headlines should draw readers attention

Latest 2017 Tips And Tricks For Search Engine Optimization Articles

Let’s face it – if the headline doesn’t grab you, you are less likely to read the article. When it comes to drawing in your audience a catchy headline is needed -one which will make them raise eyebrows. In the realm of the world wide web, there are millions of blogs and articles available to search.

However, if their headings all the look the same you are more likely to be drawn to the content with the most intriguing or creative headline. It’s time to stand out from the crowd.

Great Content is the driving force

When you have great content there is a greater likelihood that the traffic to your blog will be increased. You should strive to aim for good articles of high quality – always remember that you are not only writing for SEO, you are also writing for everyday people like you and me.

Remembering the personal factor by aiming your topics of interest towards the readers will greatly peak their interest while additionally driving traffic to your site.

Keep your words few, but let them be of the highest quality

Readers lose interest when it comes to long winded articles. The sheer intimidation of needing to consume the amount of words written is off-putting in itself.

It is best to shorten your articles word count – allowing for it to be straightforward, easy to understand and to the point. Create interest and intrigue by writing shorter articles of a higher quality on a more regular basis.

Inputting keywords in Heading tags

Latest 2017 Tips And Tricks For Search Engine Optimization Articles

To send a strong On-Page Signal while enabling search engines to best identify what has been written, start to input keywords into your heading tags.

Focus on Copy Scores

Your article should aim to score between 70 and 80 with regards to the Flesch Ease Test. This means that the content is easily readable for young and old,

Adding phrases and keywords into URL

The best way for search engines to crawl your data would be to add those important phrases and keywords in your URL.

Key phrases and keywords to appear in Sub Headings

Your main keyword should also be incorporated into your subheadings. This will result in an increase in keyword density (KWD) while enabling search engines to better identify your category of interest or topic.

Alt Tags with target Phrases incorporated into images

Latest 2017 Tips And Tricks For Search Engine Optimization Articles

The Alt tags of the images which you choose to incorporate into your article should contain certain keywords and phrases of what your targeted interest is.

Content should contain outbound links

Incorporating outbound links in your articles will greatly increase your SEO as well as generating free traffic to your blog.

Longer page title

It has been noted that according to search engines the longer the page title the greater the SEO. It is recommended that page titles should consist of more than 40 characters while less than 70 to obtain a perfect Page-Title-Length-For-Search-Engines.

Google pages

Google loves to grow with the times by showing new rather than old pages. However, once you decide to update the page Google decides it rather bests to rather show the old page.

Search Engine Optimizing your Articles is the best way to get your blog on the map. These tips tricks will propel your content to new heights in 2017.

It’s time to do away with the old manner of doing things and to completely revamp your SEO tactics – incorporate new techniques available to best optimize your search.

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