Latest News on Michael Phelps – 2008 Olympic Medals Winner


Latest News on Michael Phelps : The Roller Coaster Life Of A Athletic

Latest News on Michael Phelps - 2008 Olympic Medals World Recorder

Latest News on Michael Phelps – 2008 Olympic Medals World Recorder

The Rio 2016 Olympics event is over, and you have probably forgotten most of the incidences and people involved. However, Michael Phelps still remains on everyone’s minds since he has without doubt established his name as a legendary swimming celebrity around the world.

With an all-time record of Gold Medals from Olympics, Phelps has adopted the reputation of the fastest man in the water. The thirty one years old athlete has collected over sixty gold medals from diverse competition as well as a few silver and bronze ones.

The Mystery of Hidden Medals

Speaking of Michael Phelps gold, would you like to know where all the medals are stowed away? Well, that is a secret that he will not reveal in the foreseen future. Phelps, speaking on The Ellen Show to the DeGeneres and Kristen Bell, said that his medals are in an undisclosed location and only two people are aware of the location.

You cannot argue with his desire for secrecy. After all, the world is not a safe place. In the same interview, he spoke of his son Boomer who is growing up to be just like his daddy. His love for water promises to potentially produce another legendary athlete.

#PhelpsFace Meme

Unfortunately, the life of Michael Phelps has not been always full of smiles and laughs. This has been evidenced through the contorted Phelps face which was revealed from a Rio Olympic photo. Apparently, he was in his own world with his own thoughts before getting started on the event, according to the Huffington Post.

On the other hand, the face was directed towards one of his competitors, Chad de Clos, his rival from South Africa. The assumption was that he was giving his competition a dirty look.

Naturally, the online community had its own interpretation of the short but significant occurrence. Consequently, the famous Angry Michael Phelps Face meme was born from the simple photography.

The viral meme represents frustration and anger, so the Internet community was all too willing to poke fun at the legendary swimmer using #PhelpsFace. While the hype of the photo eventually died, the angry face still remains immortalized in the virtual meme Hall of Fame forever.

The outcome of the Angry Michael Phelps Face meme was not negative for the subject of the image. In fact, this captured moment could not have gone better for the swimmer. Intel signed the star for an advertisement that pokes fun at the unsavory face.

It seems that the tech company thinks that the reason behind the face is a slow computer, and they want to solve his issue by revealing the benefits of an Intel-powered machine. The advertisement also features Jim Parsons from The Big Bang Theory who is the voice of wisdom for the swimmer.

The Future

No one knows what to expect from Michael Phelps in the future. His life and decisions are not completely predictable as seen with his return from retirement. In 2012, the athlete had declared that he was done with competitive swimming. [mashvideo]

However, he rose above his statement and soared to reclaim his place as a decorated Olympian. Even as he passes his peak, he will remain as one of the most successful swimmers.

Source: Wikipedia 

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