Legend of Mugsy : Cat Vs Alligator


Cat Vs Alligator : Legend of Mugsy the Cat who vanquished Alligators

Mugsy the cat is the new unsung hero of the swamp of Louisiana when he courageously battled two alligators and prevented them from attacking a boy. This bizarre and funny incident occurred as Mugsy was busy roaming around the territories which are a part of his fiefdom. Mugsy appears to run the territory like a gang boss.Legend of Mugsy Cat Vs Alligator

He is extremely protective of the domain when it is threatened by intruders. Mugsy has an extreme love towards his land and the people who care for him. The scary alligators thought that Mugsy would be a pushover and possibly a delicacy for their dinner.

The alligators wanted to eat good food for a change instead of the usual prey that they find in the swamps. Consequently, they went for a swim across the swamp and into the beach. Mugsy appears to be sexy when he is repulsing the attacks of these alligators. Mugsy appeared to be defiant and bold when he took on alligators that were the size of a crocodile.

Even though he is a cat, Mugsy acted like a lion or tiger that was ready to show courage and bravery in the face of overwhelming adversities. Mugsy refused to cede an inch of land or an ounce of food to the invaders. His love of his territory was apparently more powerful than the killer instincts of the alligators.

Apparently, the alligators thought that they were like a crocodile that could grab the easy prey and quickly retreat back to their sexy swamp. They made a fatal miscalculation: They underestimated the love that Mugsy had for the land and the boy who might have also been targeted by the aggressors.

He saved the boy from being dinner for the alligators. Mugsy is seen on the beach near the boat where he lands a punch and hits the alligators. A good lesson to the aggressors – don’t mess with Mugsy and try to find easy prey. Otherwise they’re going to be facing the ferocious paws of Mugsy.


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