LEGO Angry Man Brings Brickfilm To Life


LEGO Angry Man Brings Brickfilm to Life, It’s A Absolutely Treat  To Your Feelings

LEGO Angry Man Brings Brickfilm To Life

LEGO is not just for kids. Lots of adults enjoyed the LEGO movie, but this animated short movie LEGO Angry Man shows that there is more to explore and how LEGO can become a great art medium.

The brickfilm shows a waiter that is so wrapped up in his own emotions that he loses his cool and focus. His attempt to clean up in front of the restaurant is interrupted when an attractive woman walks by, and the simple scene has more depth than you may think. But perhaps more importantly, it gives us a different and more mature version of LEGO as a medium. The soundtrack also plays a big role in the feel of the short film.

Brickfilm is a type of animated film that is usually produced by filming bricks such as LEGO using stop motion to capture the movements. The process usually includes taking a picture of a setting, moving figures as you wish, taking another picture and repeating for a number of times.

It can be compared to traditional cartoon making where each page contains a slightly different image, and when “flipping through” the images quickly, movement is created. Brickfilm using stop motion is most common among amateur film makers and the selection is very narrow, consisting of mostly short films.

Today, there is another, more modern method for creating brick films, which includes CGI technology. This is the method used in LEGO Angry Man, which is full of details and has very strong graphics.

The CGI method includes drawing 3D-models in a computer, and there are special programs that use the design of LEGO components. LEGO commercials often display a child playing with a LEGO set, and CGI technology is used in order to make details such as mini figures move by themselves.

Special LEGO CGI-programs are also used for games such as the LEGO Star Wars Games. The 2002 music video Fell in Love with a Girl by the White Stripes is one of the very few other examples of projects where Lego has been used in Brickfilm. In this case, bricks were used instead of mini figures in order to shape people and instruments.

The animated movie LEGO Angry Man is not endorsed by the LEGO Group, but it shows that brickfilm as a genre has a lot of potential and it can be done using either LEGO CGI-programs or Blender and Cycles for example. [mashvideo]

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