Leopard attacks man in Bengaluru school watch what happens


Leopard attacks man in Bengaluru school watch what happens

The leopard was captured by Authorities on Sunday after it had unknowingly made its way to Bengaluru School.It maliciously killed six people This has resurrected the animal-man conflict that had been growing tremendously over the ages in the city.

As per the reach of the CCTV cameras, the dangerous animal is showed going into the VIBGYOR school campus at approximately 4 AM though it was not identified until very late in the Afternoon after it attacked the campus employee. The Animal later mauled and injured other people including the photojournalist who was too close to the animal and the environmentalist Sanjay Gubbi who was working hand-in-hand to rescue people.

It is believed that the animal had escaped off the school compound during the daytime and hid in the nearby bushy area around the school.

It became very unfortunate that as the concerned authorities were busy searching to recapture it, it reentered into the school premises by scaling over the school compound wall.

Through a Video footage, a forest officer is also seen grappling together with the leopard just by the swimming pool of the school. The Chief wildlife warden of the area Ravi Ralf also said that the animal was thereafter taken to be revived in the Bannerghatta National.

The big cat sneaked into south Indian school and took about 10 hours to get it out. A big crowd of viewers as well as the TV news crews saw the chase which took quite a long period of time until the animal was finally shot with a tranquilizer dart by the forest warden. The Press Trust of the India news agency later said that school officials quoted that big cat was at first seen by the closed-circuit TV early in the morning inside the private school of Vibgyor l in Bangalore though it later disappeared into some nearby bushy area of the school.

The leopard after going back into the school caused havoc within the school by attacking the half dozen people which also veterinarian and a man who was running to his safety and was trying to climb over a gate to run away. The Indian Police said that the individuals are under medication in the hospital.[mashvideo]

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