Lesser Known Facts About Farah Khan


Lesser Known Facts About Farah Khan

The multi talented diva Farah Khan is the lady who serves in B-town as a genius film maker, director, actress and choreographer. Farah is always loved by the audiences for her creative skills in the field of direction and choreography. The diva celebrated her rocking 50th birthday recently. Media24by7 is listing below some special and lesser known facts about charming diva Farah Khan.


Readers should know that Farah has choreographed excellent dance performances for more than 100 songs in 70 Hindi movies. The talented diva has also worked successfully in no. of international projects, some of them are ‘Marigold; An adventure in India’, Monsoon wedding and she has also shown her sparkling talent in the Chinese movie ‘Perhaps love’.

Farah and Sajid Khan are the real siblings. However; after their parent’s broken marriage, the siblings were forced to live in different homes. But such distances had no effect on their relationship, they state that they are the best siblings ever created by the god. Whereas the renowned film personalities Farhan Akhtar and Zoya Akhtar are Farah’s cousins.

During the production of movie ‘Main Hoon Na’, Farah fell in love with the film editor Shirish Kunder and soon after that the duo finalized their plan to get married. Since after their marriage, the couple is working together with all their projects. Further in the year 2008, Khan again amazed the whole world when she gave birth to beautiful triplets; a son and two daughters.

Farah has completed her graduation in sociology, from St. Xavier’s college in Mumbai. She was highly inspired with Michel Jackson’s ‘thriller’, the album further encouraged the lady in order to pursue career in dance and choreography. Farah started opting training in several dance forms and achieved a great success in it.

You would be amazed to know that the talented Farah has also trained the gorgeous diva Shakira when she performed in the MTV music show on her highly viral album ‘Hips don’t lie’.  Khan’s project ‘Monsoon wedding’ and ‘Vanity fair ‘was nominated at Tony awards in the year 2004, the lady won the nomination for best choreographer.

Farah won the film fare award; the lady was awarded with the title of best director for her excellent direction in the movie ‘Om Shanti Om’. The movie was considered to be highest grossing bollywood film of the year. Khan beautifully choreographed Kylie Minogue for the song ‘Chiggy Wiggy’ from the movie blue. The music got highly viral and Farah’s choreography was appreciated worldwide.

In the year 2012, the duo (Farah and Shirish) established a production company; they named it as ‘Three’s company’. It seems like the duo has named the production house in honor of their loving triplets.

These were some warm updates about Farah Khan. Media24by7 wishes her a belated yet very happy birthday; we hope she achieves great success in her near future.

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