Lion Attacks Man In Home real video caught on camera live


Lion Attacks Man In Home real video caught on camera live

A shocking lion attack occurring in a private home has left a man shaken up and the owners of the animal at a loss to explain the incident. A lion, kept as a pet in a detached family home, found herself at the centre of attention after the pet animal attempted to maul a visitor to the home. While the wounds suffered by the man on both his chest and back appeared to be only superficial, the lion attack illustrated the dangers associated with keeping wild animals as domestic pets.

The lion has lived with the family as a pet since just a cub and is housed in a large caged enclosure in the back yard of the home but also regularly roams through the home just as any other domesticated pet would. The lion has become so comfortable with humans that she is fed raw meat by hand. Based on the nature of the injuries, it appears that the lion was just trying to engage in play with the man.[mashvideo]

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