Lion climbs a tree to escape a herd of angry buffalo best wildlife animal attack


Lion climbs a tree to escape a herd of angry buffalo best wildlife animal attack

The jungle consists of many animals that use it as a habitat; as a result, of this many of them always engage in fights with other animals over the places where they live or the prey that they share. The lion is one of the animals that belong to the cat family and the biggest in the family. It is considered to have very good hunting and fighting skills that it can use to overpower the enemy that attacks it. It is a carnivorous animal and hence hunts for other animals to use as food; this forces it to trespass into the region that is inhabited by other animals.


Image source: Charles Comyn/Barcroft

The buffalo, on the other hand, is an animal that is also found in the tropical regions where one can find lions. The buffalo is also a good fighter that uses its horns to attack the enemy or predator that comes to attack and is also know to have a lot of strength. When the two animals meet, the animal attack that follows is one that is worth recording. The wildlife videos on YouTube can explain as there are different fights that take place in the jungle as every animal struggles to protect its territory.

The buffalo has an advantage because they move in large number which can help them to overpower the enemy that attacks them. A search on the African safari video can also give one the varieties of videos that have been recorded of animals fighting in the jungles. This specific video shows a group of buffalos fighting a lion which runs away from them to end up climbing a tree to avoid them. Wildlife animal videos are so many and can be used by researchers who need to find out what goes on in the jungles or they can still be watched for entertainment.

The animal videos are also universal and can be watched by people of any age.African wildlife videos have been recorded by tourists who have visited the game reserves and taken their time to record the clips. For one to record the best wildlife video they should have the best video camera for wildlife recording which has the specifications that one needs to be able to get quality videos. This can only be achieved by ensuring that they get the cameras with high-resolution power so that they can record clips that can be liked by many people. They should also consider having cameras that have enough storage so that they can be able to record and store long videos in the cameras.


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