Lion Saves Baby Calf from another lion attack


Lion Saves Baby Calf from another lion attack

In this video, a fully mature lioness in the African jungle is in pursuit of this helpless calf. We would expect the calf to end up dead and fed probably to the lioness’s cubs, but the exact opposite happens. The lioness reaches the exhausted calf, keeps it in sight and even protects it from another hunting female!Nature is amazing. How does a predator protect its prey from a hunting partner! First, let’s understand that in the animal kingdom, it’s hunt or get hunted, and hunters don’t joke around with their food.

How this lioness, the jungle queen, at the very top of the food chain, decides to protect a poor wandering calf instead of pouncing on her and enjoying some easy breakfast remains a mystery. An untamed lioness is known to be a hunter for her cubs, and her pride. This one though is different. She has probably eaten the calf’s mother already. Her motherly instinct now takes over.


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