The 4 Longest Trains Ever Seen Around The World


The 4 Longest Trains Ever Seen Around The World

The 4 Longest Trains Ever Seen Around The World ! Trains are incredibly interesting to people around the world, whether they work on trains or if they simply have an interest in them. Below is a list of the top 5 longest trains ever seen that are operated all around the world, ranging from Australia to North America.

4. BNSF Trains

The second longest freight railroad in all of North America is the BNSF Railway with the Union Pacific Railroad being the longest. It currently is home to over 32,500 miles of track in over 28 states and there have been numerous reports of incredibly long freight trains traveling down its tracks.

With three transcontinental routes that link the East and West of the United States, over 169 miles have been traveled between all of the trains that operate on the route. One of the most noteworthy trains seen on the BNSF railway had over 120 cars and was pulling freight through the Midwest. Although it may not be the longest train ever seen, their models are still quite impressive.

3. AAR S-400

As another freight train in the United States, the AAR S-400 is part of the $60 billion freight industry. The reason as to why freight is so popular throughout North America is because it’s responsible for transporting precious goods ranging from renewable energy to various minerals. Approximately 20% of the profits earned by private companies are used to maintain these important railways.

The S-400s come with a variety of features ranging from electronic pneumatic brakes and air brakes, preventing the trains from derailing while going at incredibly fast speeds. On average these trains have over 180 wagons and measure at approximately 3659 meters.

2. Double Stack Container Trains

Controlled by the Canadian National Railway System, the double stack container trains can measure upwards of 4000 meters, making it one of the longest trains ever seen. Their original design measured approximately 1500 meters but as the years progressed, they became longer and longer. These unique containers can carry over 18000 tons of product.

1. BHP Billiton Iron Ore Train

As the single most noteworthy name in trains, the BHP Billiton Iron Ore Train is by far the longest ever train that exist the world. In fact, BHP is included in the Guinness Book of World Records as one of the longest train ever seen The Mount Newman railway is a privately own line that is used for transporting iron ore. Today you can expect the BHP Billiton Iron Ore train to be approximately 682 wagons long and is responsible for carrying over 82000 tons of ore.


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