Longevity in the Indian Chief Motorcycle


Longevity in the Indian Chief Motorcycle

With a name like Indian Motorcycles, the spirit of the bike could last forever.You wouldnt think that from 1948 a motorcycle.could roar like it was fresh out of the dealership. Well, this ol’ rusted seafoam green Indian Chief begs to differ.Could it be to good to be true? A 1948 Indian Chief Motorcycle up and running? Well, this ol’ Indian bike has something to prove. When this engine starts, a surge of energy goes down the motorcycle enthusiast spine. A few pulls of the throttle, begins to reveal the true beauty of this legendary classic.

You take notice the custom steel bike frames, built in the USA with integrity. The logo Indian, still proudly standing strong on the faded seafoam gas tank, beaten by the heat of the sun. Many enthusuast reguard the indian very highly, yet some still appreciate honda custom bikes. You can take inspiration from their designs, or parts, etc. The motorcycle world is very large, with a vast history, that this 1948 Indian Chief proves within the culture.


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