Are you looking for the most innovative products out in the market today?


Are you looking for the most innovative products out in the market today?

Products that you never knew existed, but once you see them, you can’t live without them. From a device that can help you communicate with your pet while you are away, to a yoga mat that has tiny micro sensors to help you with the right techniques for expert level yoga. These products will make you realize that you were missing something in life. Have you ever wished that you had turning signals while riding a bike, well now with Zackees gloves, you can hold up your hand and a turn signal will let others know which direction you are going. If you don’t ride a bike, that is fine, use these gloves while running so you can be seen by others.

Working long days while sitting at a desk? Do you find that your back and posture suffer because of this? With Darma sitting pad and it’s handy app, you can know how to sit, for how long to sit, when to take a break and stand up, and when to just take a breath and take a minute for yourself. This pad will communicate to the app how you are sitting and your vitals, so you know if you need to readjust or if you are getting too worked up and need to calm down.

Are you seeking to do more yoga, but don’t always have time for a class? The Smart Yoga Mat is a smart mat with tiny micro sensors that track your alignment. With the help of the Smart Yoga Mat and it’s app, you can do expert level yoga in the privacy of your own home. The sensors help you make sure you are doing poses correctly.Do you love candles? The Playbulb candles are the new innovative candles, with colors and lights that change and blink. These candles are fun for parties.

What’s even more fun is that they can blow out like a real candle. If you are looking for a more romantic setting, use the Playbulb as a candle holder. Looking to simplify your life? With the Bttn you can use a button to simplify your home and work life. Bttn is apart of Open Home apps that helps you and your family communicate or get certain tasks done, just by a touch of a button. Life is easier with Bttn.

If you’re like most pet owners, you worry about your pet being alone while your not at home. With Pawly, you have the opportunity to interact with your pet while you are away. This device is mobile and has a camera, microphone, and speaker. Pawly is has a handy app that lets you communicate easily from your phone.Are bad habits holding you back from the success of exercise and losing weight? The Pavlok is a way to improve ourselves and get rid of all of those bad habits like watching TV and playing video games. The Pavlok is a wristband that you wear and it will recondition your habits by sending a shock wave to you. It will replace those bad habits with success and rewards.[mashvideo]

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