Losing Belly Fat with Five Minutes Abs


Losing Belly Fat with Five Minutes Abs

With only five minutes of your time at a go, you can lose your belly fat with this efficient workout. Picture that; with only five minutes of this working out you can actually have a significant reduction in your belly fat. However, this does not translate into the five-minute being easy, to the contrary it compresses serious exercises into five minutes

This exercise comprises of five exercises done consecutively and each taking a minute. It starts with the Spiderman planks that involve both your thigh muscles alongside your abdominals. This is followed by the hip thrust that really gets your abdominals to work providing a thorough workout for your muscles. Oblique crunches follow this exercise and involve using your abdominal muscles to move your lower body when lying down. After the oblique crunches are the side plank reach throughs, that will have you moving using your abs to move your body while supporting yourself with your arms. The final workout is the good old fashioned sit-ups. Basically, with this exercise you can lose your belly fat with only five minutes of thorough workout.


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